Ayurveda is not only a system of medicine but also a system of life. The main concern of Ayurveda is to prevent disease rather than to cure them. The system of preventive treatments in Ayurveda is called Sukachikitsa or rejuvenation therapy.

Rejuvenation therapy includes a group of treatments, medicines and activities that are helpful in the preventive aspect for a healthy and normal person. It also helps to improve the strength of the body, strengthens the body's immunity against infections and makes the individual more adaptive to the modern life which is filled with pollution, stress, dissatisfaction and anxiety. Along with the improvement of physical well being rejuvenation therapy also improves mental fitness. The atmosphere and surroundings around which the treatments are done and the character of the people associated with the patients during the treatment period are all important for the effectiveness of the treatment.

Rajah Healthy Acres has designed certain packages for rejuvenation therapy. These packages are meant for reviving the body and mind for healthy people or persons with very minor problems. The type of treatment and combinations of therapy for rejuvenation treatments might vary from person to person since the treatments are decided depending on the constitution of the patient and is decided by the doctors after consultations. Usually the packages include the following treatments.

There are two treatments in a day, one major treatment like uzhichil, elakkizhi, navarakkizhi, thalapothichil, sirodhara etc and one minor treatment like thalam, lepanam, facepack, herbal steambath, nethradhara, nasyam etc.

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There will also be internal medication with these treatments and the patient, depending on his or her body type and condition, will be encouraged to do activities like walking, swimming, meditation.

The daily rotine for a patient at Rajah Healthy Acres could roughly be outlined as follows:

6 AM Morning medicine 7.30 AM - 8.00 AM Breakfast 8.00 AM - 12.00 PM Morning Treatment
1.00 - 2.30 PM Lunch 3.00 - 4.30 PM Afternoon Treatment 4.30 PM Tea
5.00 PM Yoga / walking 7.00 - 9.00 PM Dinner

Usually the patient will be given internal medicine 4-5 times a day, after breakfast, after lunch, bedtime etc. On some days we arrange trips to nearby picnic spots or hold cultural shows in the premises.