Takamura Kazunori, Japan


S. Mohanathasan

Very successful result. I don't want to leave this place. Homely feeling.

Angela Sue Willis

Great - accomodating, friendly, knowledgeable

Carmel Nugent

very effective, excelent treatment, excelent staff.

Philippa Atkinson

The doctors & nurses are so kind & caring at all times. I felt comfortable & confident.

Cynthia Waugh

The best aspect of Rajah is the high quality service. Everyone was extremly professional and helpful and made my visit extremely worthwhile.

Mark Fabrt

Overall this was a great experience and we will be sure to tell our friends.

Rosharie Sarkar

On that empty wall in the restaurant you could hang some paintings of local artists and change the exhibition from time to time.

Bimal Sarkar

If the standard, which you offer is maintained we are happy.

Flena Resnitsky

We lack a swimming pool, more shopping on the territory to entertain the parties, new condition systems in all the rooms

Flechon Gilette

Some nurses must be more quiet and improve massages. But anyway people all together are making every thing in order to make our stay comfortable. Many thanks to everybody.

Annelies Debrunner

I feel here very good, a very friendly atmosphere.

Schridt Ott

Enjoyed especially the kitchen staff, massage staff, and others around, also the doctor's kindness and taking care.

M. Kanaghalakshmi

No opinions. Lovely place & good service.

Manuela + Walter

Thank you for the suitable avtivities - they are well selected and we enjoyed them very much.


Very good treatment centre.

Douliot Sandra

The staff is very good! Thank you!

Vakkeel Rammohan

Keep up the quality of serviec being given.

Kelly Roberts

Internet - High Speed! Please!

Astrick Dreber

Every thing is just perfect, that's the reason why I came back this year. Thank you very much!

Christine Kirchberger

I was happy with every thing- thank you very much for a great, relaxing time!

Imhof Marianne

That everybody here remain as professional and kind for a long time.

George & Mary Varkey

We hope to be back again.